Accessory Dwelling Unit Types Explained

A second unit built on a homeowner’s property is called an additional dwelling unit. ADUs are advantageous for various reasons, such as earning passive income through renting it out, increasing space and the value of the property, and addressing the affordability housing problem. If you’re looking for one of these advantages, you should contact with ADU Construction. In this article, we will go over the various kinds of accessory dwelling units that are available. What are the kinds of ADU that you can pick from?

Types of Accessory Dwelling Units

Adding an ADU to your home is a great option to increase living space and boost property value. But, with the numerous types of granny flats and backyard ADUs garage units and prefabs, which is the best one for you? ADU builder San Jose can help you in choosing the best one. The most sought-after accessory dwelling units and how they could improve your living space over the long run are listed below.

Inside ADUs: Basement Conversion

In the beginning, it’s important to know the distinction between a newly renovated basement and an ADU in your state. In some states, the basement ADU requires ventilation and plumbing to allow a separate kitchen and bathroom to be considered one. The ceiling height in many basements that are not finished is quite low, and, as a result, it may be necessary to dig up the floor of the current one to meet the ceiling height minimum requirements.

It is important to note that basement ADUs are generally cooler in summer, and have more privacy than houses on street level. They also offer a greater price if you opt to market your home with the help of ADU builder San Jose. Following are some of the types of ADUs.

Categories Of ADU Builders

Garage Conversion

It is to transform any garage into a complete residential area. This can also provide insulation, heating and cooling, and water for a bathroom and kitchen.You can reach out to any trusted ADU builder San Jose for all the relevant information.

Carriage Conversion

A carriage house conversion, which is constructed inside of a larger garage with high ceilings, is a concept comparable to a garage conversion. In a carriage house, the lower level is often used as a garage and the upper level is converted into an apartment.

Basement Conversion

It is an internal conversion. The outside entry for the basement flats is different from the one for the main house. There may or may not need to be an entrance to the main house from inside the apartment.

Home Addition

Some homeowners want to build an addition that may be used as a rental or a separate living space for a family. This could be constructed as a one story or two-story pop out from one side of the house, depending on the home’s structure.

Junior ADU

A junior ADU is a miniature version of any of these options. It is smaller than 500 square feet. It might be anything, from a modest dwelling on the property to an entirely functional apartment in a tree.

Are you interested in Building an ADU?

Accessory dwellings are an excellent investment for the long-term future of your house or perhaps to help someone else’s future because they have affordable housing. ADU Construction transforms garages and backyards into low-cost, high-quality homes. You can choose to have an additional income stream or create more living space to increase the value of your house. ADU Construction has the experience to design the ideal extra dwelling you want.