Best Construction Machines with Specifications in India

The heavy-duty industry has significantly contributed to the development of the Indian Infra industry. This is because these construction machines ensure maximum work output, be it construction, mining, or farming. For instance, excavators & backhoe loaders are major catalysts accelerating infra development in India.

To illustrate, excavators facilitate tasks like quarrying, digging for building foundations, landscaping, etc. On the other hand, backhoe loaders are versatile machines equipping a range of attachments. These add-ons help in material handling, transportation, digging, etc.

JCB 130 & Bull HD 76: Price & Features

A. JCB 130 Excavator

Soon after its launch, this equipment became one of India’s promising excavators. To illustrate, the model has an operating weight of 13000 kg. Such massive weight capacity surpasses all the work output expectations. Additionally, the model can dig as deep as 4833 mm into the ground, thanks to its spectacular dig depth capacity. This feature consequently facilitates tasks like quarrying, excavation, etc.

Moreover, the model comes equipped with a bucket capacity of 0.65, further increasing work efficiency. Furthermore, the high-performing engine of this model generates up to 80 HP. Above all, the JCB price of this excavator is quite reasonable in India.

B. BULL HD 76 Backhoe Loader

This is yet another popular model from Bull machines India. Rightly so, the model comes equipped with an operating weight of around 8160 Kg. This particular feature hence increases work output at mining & construction sites. Additionally, with 1 cum of bucket capacity, operators find it relatively easier to load heavy materials at once.

Moreover, the dump angle of this backhoe loader is around 45 degrees. Subsequently, this spec facilitates operations & work efficiency. Furthermore, the model can reach a maximum height of 1.28 metres, further adding to productivity and reducing downtime. More importantly, the model is reasonably priced, starting from Rs. 35 to 37 Lakhs.

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