ECA Stack A Good Supplement That Promotes Weight Loss and Higher Energy

ECA Stacks is the original pre-workout and fat burner supplement. A combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin, an ECA stack formula can help to improve workout performance and weight loss.

The formula contains the following:

Ephedrine: Originally derived from China, ephedrine is extracted from the plant namely Ephedra Sinica. It is utilized not just as a stimulant-based medicine but also as a food supplement, to help with weight loss and energy-boosting.

Caffeine: A natural central nervous system stimulant that is generally one of the elements, in coffee beans, tea, and certain plant-based sources; caffeine is the most abundantly consumed psychoactive drug around the world. It’s often found in pre-workout, intra-workout, weight loss, and nootropic supplements.

Aspirin: The same ingredient that might help with headaches, aspirin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Certain ECA stacks have white willow bark, which is the natural extract that is put into use for formulating commercial aspirin.

Although each ingredient comes with its own potential benefits, when taken as a combination, they complement one another to increase energy & fat burning. 

You will wonder if the new ECA stack is safe. However, what is more important, is to know about ECA stack weight loss results. Are the new ECA stacks effective? Are they as strong as the original formula? Also, do they carry additional benefits apart from the commended fat burning? 

Let’s examine the effectiveness of each ingredient and how they work in coordination.


  • Weight Loss: Ephedrine was found in the studies to be effective for weight loss and this may be why people are so reluctant to look elsewhere. Studies state that ephedrine really increases the body’s metabolic ability, promoting fat burning.
  • Energy: A review of several types of research, has found that ephedrine does influence your energy levels. But it seems you must blend it with caffeine. 


  • Weight Loss: Most people attribute higher energy levels & alertness to caffeine, but you should know that it’s also a thermogenic ingredient. Caffeine according to several studies increases the body’s metabolic response, to step up energy expenditure or calorie burning.
  • Performance: Mainly why people use caffeine is for energy. Think it over, chances are that you drank a morning cup of coffee, that has 75 mg to up to 150 mg of caffeine. 


  • Weight Loss: The same pill you take for a headache can also be useful in promoting weight loss. Studies reveal that aspirin alone can’t do much for fat burning. However, when it’s blended with ephedrine, aspirin can magnify the thermogenic effect of ephedrine.
  • Inflammation: Aspirin is often taken post-workout as a means to relieve inflammation. It’s the main ingredient in most nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). According to studies aspirin can mitigate inflammation and relieve soreness attributing to delayed onset of muscle soreness.

The Nutshell

Supplements such as ECA Stacks may be helpful tools to stimulate increased calorie burning and fat loss. However, in case you are sensitive to stimulants ECA may worsen the symptoms. To say the least, you should stick to a good diet and exercise.