Golf Shoes: A Must-Have? What You Don’t Know About Gear

Golf Shoes: A Must-Have? What You Don’t Know About Gear

In partnership with Cleveland/Srixon Golf, is bringing you an exclusive series on Gear Questions You’re Afraid to Ask. The topic we are going to discuss this week is whether or not you really need to wear golf ball slides when playing golf.

How about a few of our own? Have you seen the footwork of PGA Tour players? What about the new No. 1 in the world? Although Scottie Scheffler appears to have some sloppy footwork on the downswing, sometimes what you see and what actually occurs are different.

When you take a look at Scheffler’s footwork in slow motion, you can see how powerfully he manipulates his weight from his trail foot to his lead foot on the downswing when he is at his best. With such strength that his trail foot practically lifts off the ground, Scheffler masterfully shifts his weight away from the forefoot of his trail foot and onto the heel of his lead foot, which is done with such power that his trail foot practically lifts off the ground. Scheffler’s trail foot slides a little bit as he shifts his weight forward in a hurry to hit the golf ball and, because it all happens so rapidly, Scheffler’s trail foot sometimes wobbles a little bit after he has already shifted his weight forward and usually after he has already struck the ball. We believe that even the world’s No. 1 golfer, with all the innate talent and skill he possesses, would never be able to swing like he does if it weren’t for the hard work his golf shoes put in keeping him balanced and stable on the course.

The point we are trying to make is as follows. The fact that we don’t expect you to have footwork like Scottie doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the importance of support and traction for yourself or anyone else. It is important to remember that the feet are a huge part of the body’s ability to generate torque and leverage. Without a solid footing, the golf swing becomes very difficult and unstable.

There are a number of reasons why golf shoes are a necessity if you want to play better golf, as well as some of the differences between a golf shoe and a traditional athletic or running shoe. Let’s explore some of the reasons why we think they are a necessity.

Trail Runners Do Not Have The Same Level Of Turf Traction As Golf Shoes

Running and trail shoes have good traction for surfaces like dirt trails, sawdust trails, and, in some cases, concrete or sidewalk paths. A running shoe’s traction pattern isn’t designed to lock the foot into turf and withstand lateral forces. Shoes with traction are carefully designed to keep your foot on the ground for as long as possible, not to hold it in place for a split second.

There Is A Good Degree Of Flex In Golf Shoes


Golf Ball Slides tend to be more rigid. Adding torque and power to your golf swing can be achieved by more rigidity in the right places. In some golf shoes, the rearfoot section is separated from the front foot section with firm arch support (which doesn’t even touch the ground). Asics Gel-Ace Pros feature a X-shaped TPU Trussic design that cradles the arch that adds torsion and makes it easier to shift weight from trail forefoot to lead rearfoot on the downswing.

Shoes With Better Lateral Support

There’s no denying that running shoes provide support. Yes! Most running shoes are designed to provide toe-to-heel support, not side-to-side. The wider sole of golf shoes allows you to maintain your balance better while swinging. Toe drop is also less in golf shoes. The heel of a golf shoe sits lower than the toe, whereas a running shoe features a much higher heel.

Protect And Dry Your Feet With Golf Shoes

Today’s golf shoes have evolved much from leather dress shoes with metal spikes. In a golf shoe you can still find the above features (such as a wider sole and added rigidity in spots) that you need in a golf shoe. Most golf shoes come with some sort of water resistance to keep your feet dry and comfortable in inclement weather, as well. Why athletes? I don’t…………………………..……………………………………..









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