How Can My Senior’s Dissertation Help Me Draft a New One?

“I am a student looking for dissertation help when I came across this thread saying consider your seniors work and that lighted a bulb in my head. But, I am not sure how to proceed and save myself for plagiarism.”

If that was your version, too, this article is here for your rescue.

A dissertation is often considered the most exhausting task a student has to do throughout his academic life. The reason is nevertheless the tedious, lengthy task that requires immense research. However, if you’re lost in the ocean of information and need help finding the right data, you can refer to your senior’s work and get some ideas. Wondering how it can help you? Check this out!

How Can a Previously Written Dissertation Be Helpful?

For Structure

You might have never thought that old work could provide you with help with dissertation, right? But, yes, you can use it as a sample and plan your document structure. Moreover, since that document has been approved, there might be a high possibility it is the right format and following the same can save you from the confusion of which chapters comes after which.

To Avoid Errors

As there is a saying, “learn from other’s mistakes,” following the same, use that document for your work. You can read that document, understand the mistakes made, and try to avoid them in your work so that you do not have to lose marks as your seniors did. It is a very good practice to learn from the mistakes made by others and not repeat them in one’s work.

As a Source

If your senior has prepared a dissertation, they might have researched that topic enough. So, you can use it as a source and cite it in your work. This will not just save you time from looking into multiple sources searching for the data but will also get you an additional viewpoint on the same point- your senior’s.

These are the three important uses of a previously written dissertation. Now, the question is how to do the same without copying their idea, right? So, let’s get started!

How to Refer to a Previously Written Dissertation Without Stealing Their Idea?

Simply do it on your own! Just Kidding. Follow this step-by-step guide to know how to do it.

1. Start with Your Topic

Before you go and check their dissertation, start with your topic. Talk to your professor and get some idea on what your topic is about, how to address it and draft a dissertation.

2. Prepare Your Outline

The next step is to prepare your outline. This way, you have fixed the basic structure of your document. Any further research would just enhance the content but not influence your outline.

3. Read and Only Understand

Now, read the dissertation of your senior. Make sure to only read it once and not take any notes. Instead, focus on what points the writer is covering, how they are connected to the topic, relevant to the theme and so on.

4. Take Independent Notes

Keep the dissertation away, and then make notes on what you understood. If you didn’t understand anything the first time, reread but do not note anything while reading. Do this part only after you are done with reading based on your interpretation.

5. Refer to Multiple Sources

One more important thing is not to depend on that source completely. You can take the aid of that but make sure to refer to other sources so that any other work does not influence your work. It also helps you understand different perspectives on the same topic and theme.

6. Get a Proofreader

The final step is to get a proofreader who can read the content, suggest any edits and point out any plagiarism if found in the content. You can also share the sources with the proofreader and ask them to look closely into and compare the content. You can also use a tool for this same purpose and get it done in just a few minutes.

So, these are a few steps to maintain the individuality of your write-up even after referring to a friend/senior’s work. If you do not feel confident or need someone’s aid in clearing this hurdle, then you have several online dissertation help providing services to make this sound simpler.