How to Take Care of Floors with Water Based Varnish Finish?

Have you sealed the hardwood floors in your home with water based floor varnish? If yes, you must remember a few things to ensure your floor stays in perfect shape for years. 

Water-based varnishes have become popular in the past five years. Before that, people used to seal their wood floors with solvent-based floor finishes or oil-based varnishes. Users were instantly in love with the water-based alternatives as they don’t spoil the appearance of wood floors. This varnish type is almost invisible and thus successfully maintains the natural appearance of wood. You can apply it even on antique wood floors. The water-based varnish will effectively maintain the classic charm of those floors. 

The section below discusses a few dos and don’ts. Following them will help you increase the longevity of the water-based varnish finish on your floor.

Pick the Right Cleaning Tools

Use the Right Floor Cleaner: If you want to see the water-based varnish on your hardwood floors maintain its shine for years, you must never use any acidic floor cleaner. Also, avoid using high PH products and bleaching agents when cleaning your floors. 

You must buy floor cleaners that are formulated specifically to clean wood floors. These products are usually highly concentrated and require dilution before use. As a result, even a regular pack of wood floor cleaners lasts for months. A high-quality wood floor cleaner will remove dust and dirt from the surface of the floor without causing any harm to it. What’s more, instead of spoiling the varnish finish, it will enhance it. 

Use a Separate Mop to Clean Your Wood Floors with Water-based Varnish: Never use a common mop to clean wood floors with a water-based varnish finish and other floor types. For the best results, use a flat mop to clean the floors sealed with water-based varnish. If both mopping systems in your home are flat, make sure you keep them colour-coded. It will help you to avoid confusion.

Don’t Buff the Floors: Never buff hardwood floors with a water-based varnish finish. Such floors don’t require buffing to maintain their natural appearance. You can consider using a high-speed buffer only if the floors need a polish after years of use. Ideally, you shouldn’t look beyond red buffing pads when polishing these floors. 

Follow the Right Steps When Cleaning Floors with Water Based Varnish Finish

Step 1: Dry Mopping: Use a dry mop to remove all the dust and dirt from the floor. Make sure it’s a flat mop. 

Step 2: Wet Mopping: You will need a high-quality microfiber mop. Completing Step 1 is mandatory for this step to be successful. If you skip Step 1, you may face issues like a clogged microfiber mop. Use the microfiber mop to clean the floor with an alcohol-based floor cleaner. 

The water based floor varnish on the wood surface will not have a single streak of oil, dust, or dirt if you complete wet mopping appropriately.

Step 3: Scrubbing: The first two steps should be enough for cleaning wood floors unless there’s any sticky substance. You can use a scrubber and the same floor cleaner you used in Step 2 to get rid of the sticky substance. 

Don’t Forget Annual Deep Cleaning of Wood Floors with Water Based Floor Varnish

The three steps above will take just a few minutes to be completed. If you have used water-based varnish of the highest quality, repeating these steps once or twice every week will be enough to keep the floors tidy. However, for the floors to remain in perfect shape for years, you must deep clean them once a year. 

Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Move all furniture off the floors you want to clean
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floors
  • Dry mop the surface
  • Apply a powerful cleaning solution of pH 11.5 on the surface 
  • Scrub the floors well using a scrubber (don’t omit the edges)
  • Finish the job by mopping the floors with a wet microfiber mop 

While it’s true that following the above guidelines will increase the lifespan of the varnish finish, you must not forget the importance of using high-quality varnishes. One store you can rely on when purchasing wood care products like water based floor varnish is Woodcareproducts.ie. The store only sells products belonging to globally renowned, award-winning brands.