I guess if you can’t get enough of unfunny idiotic teen sex comedies, this is your film

I guess if you can’t get enough of unfunny idiotic teen sex comedies, this is your film

Virgin Spanky (Rollin Perry) visits suspect virgin college buddy Mert (Seth Cassell). They drink, get stoned, peek at girls, look at porn and try to get laid. About an hour into the film the “sex pot” aspect comes in as we endure massive amounts of unfunny lines, juvenile humor, foul mouthed kids, an incest scene, and mountains of flesh. okay the last part wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately the rest of the feature was a bust too.

Alright, looking at the movie cover, you already have the assumption that this will be a teen comedy in the likes of “American Pie” or something similar. I thought as much, and wow was I in for a surprise. This movie is about two virgin boys getting wasted on pot and trying to score with the women.

“Sex Pot” is filled with really, really bad dialogue. At most times it is just incoherent lines that are being tossed there, making you think if they had any clue to what had been done or said earlier in the movie. The dialogue was forced, halting and painstaking to listen to. And it wasn’t helped one bit by any good acting. The performances put on here in this movie was, well to put it bluntly, uninspiring and dull. There wasn’t any energy in the movie at all. And I think, as an aspiring stoner movie, this movie fails to get anyone’s buzz on.

They try to make the movie into some crude humor with sex and drugs, but the movie was just crude

It seemed like all that the movie was about was getting as much nudity into the frame whenever possible, and I for one, found it tacky and tasteless. I am not a prude, nor am I offended by nudity, but it just didn’t work in this movie, not by a long shot.

I had hoped to get to sit through an adequate comedy and have some good laughs, but truth be told, then I gave up about one-quarter through the movie. I hadn’t laughed a single time, and at the pace the movie was progressing and with what happened in the story, there would be nothing in the vicinity of being funny. I gave up on this movie, it just wasn’t anything that I had expected and it most definitely didn’t suit my liking.

Hats off to those actually sitting through “Sex Pot”, then again, kik log in we all have different likes and dislikes. Some maybe like this movie, some may not. I was one of the latter.

F-bomb, sex, massive amounts of nudity (Rana Davis, Lindsey Ahern, Rebecca Blue, Michelle Penick, Maura Murphy Orit, Christine Nguyen, Teryl Brouillette, Giusy Castiglione, , Sarah Bennett, Jasna Novosel, Sarah Agor)

I will start off by saying maybe some people will like this film if they watch it with the main interest in mind, which is sex and pot. And will push sex and drugs so that some youths will think this? is all what life is about. Not to mention the story either cause it’s just some random crap thrown into lengthen the run time of the movie which would have been fine if it was funny, but they just throw crude humor and sometimes crude humor is okay but it’s not funny and just expect the audience to laugh by the shock value, and the shock isn’t even that original. At one point they? both were screwing pieces of fruits and bagel. Why the hell would I want to see that? I can see some people liking this film, but there IQ will drop drastically while watching this. It was not a good road trip type of movie, but it wasn’t unbearable to the point I didn’t finish the film and dislike it to the point of giving it a 1 but maybe that is cause I saw it with some friends while having a conversation.