Identifying Quality in Outdoor Restaurant Seating (and Shopping Smart)

Regardless of what (or whom) you serve, the last thing on your mind in the food service or hospitality industry, at least in the course of any given day, has got to be seating.

Yet your business needs it, and customers use it. To keep it as far from becoming a problem to your business as possible, you need to invest in quality outdoor restaurant seating the first time around.

Here’s a high-level punch list to help you do just that.


Most importantly, you need to make sure you buy high-quality outdoor restaurant seating out of the gate.

Wood, steel, and aluminum can all be used to make high quality outdoor restaurant seating and other furniture. With that said, it is important to be aware of the relative advantages of each. Steel and aluminum make the best options for outdoor furniture; aluminum is lighter than steel, and steel, though it is prone to corrosion, is stronger.

Wood can also be a great material for restaurant seating and furniture, both indoor and outdoor, and it is a select choice for some venues depending on the type of aesthetic they are trying to cultivate. Though wooden furniture will require a little more care and attention than alternatives, some business owners find the natural beauty of wood is worth the extra effort.

All in all, it’s important to choose furniture that works for your specific needs as each of these materials has unique strengths and weaknesses.

If upholstery comes into the picture, consider cushions that are made of, and filled with, synthetic materials like poly. These will not decay as quickly as other textiles and are more appropriate for outdoor use.

Comfort and Ergonomics

When selecting outdoor restaurant furniture, as important as quality materials are, you don’t want to give comfort the backseat (excusing the pun, if you would).

Rather, choose outdoor seating that is rated highly for comfort and where applicable appropriately cushioned to provide a high level of comfort to your guests and customers.


You know the old expression, “in for a dime, in for a dollar.” While you don’t want to pay more than you need to, you also want to make sure you’re buying outdoor furniture that won’t give up the ghost after a single season.

Keeping to our general pointers for materials, as outlined above, should help with that.

Weight and Versatility

As stated, weight becomes a concern because it makes it harder to move and store outdoor restaurant seating, either to move it into shelter after hours or during the off-season, or just to change up the floor plan.

The heavier, the harder it is to move the furniture, whereas lightweight seating is easier to position, move and store. All the same, there are advantages and use cases for both heavier, sturdier outdoor seating as well as lightweight seating. Let your unique scenario determine which is best.

Also, outdoor restaurant seating that you can bring indoors as needed is more valuable than seating that’s either bolted in place or too heavy to move effectively.

Pleasant Aesthetics

While durability and longevity are arguably the most important determinants of quality in outdoor restaurant seating, that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to aesthetics. Your customers won’t.

With that said, and as pleasant as some natural materials like wood and wicker are, they are prone to rot and discoloration, which will require more frequent replacement and therefore expense.

Instead, go with metal (preferably aluminum) seating that has been finished with a “wood-look” facade, or with poly furniture that is made in the likeness of rattan or wicker. It will last longer and will be more cost-effective to maintain.


Last but not least, keep an eye on price. You don’t want to go cheap on outdoor seating, but at the same time you don’t want to break the bank. Follow a good middle of the road approach. There are sellers out there that offer competitive prices on outdoor restaurant seating and furniture, and still deliver quality.

Where to Get Quality Outdoor Restaurant Seating at Competitive Prices

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