Joshua Palin of Orange Park Discusses Home Renovations Projects Best Left to the Experts

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park is always asked for tips and tricks on home renovation projects that can save homeowners money. While there are many different projects that a DIY-er with a positive attitude can indeed tackle, there’s also projects where anyone other than an expert performing them can be a dangerous feat. Apart from the danger, Joshua Palin of Orange Park points to the time and money that can be wasted when certain projects are done improperly. Understanding what cannot be done is just as important as knowing what projects can be tackled yourself. Today, Joshua Palin of Orange Park will outline some projects that need to be left to the professionals.


Joshua Palin on Electrical Wiring


There’s no more dangerous home renovation project than working on connecting the electrical wiring within a home. It can be tempting to fix the wiring when a light goes out or the power goes out, but electricity can be extremely dangerous. Only licensed electricians should work on anything to do with electrical wires.


Joshua Palin on Sanding Floors


Some projects are dangerous, and some projects are just downright difficult. Sanding floors is a project that most people can technically do but few can do properly. The difference between a sanded floor done by a professional and a sanded floor done by an amateur is typically obvious. Floors are a big selling point for any home and a poorly sanded floor can hurt the value of any home.


Joshua Palin on Demolition


Open concepts are very popular in the housing market today. The open floor concept has prompted many homeowners to take down a wall in their living room or kitchen to create a more open space. The problem is no wall should be removed without an expert advising that the wall is not essential to the structural integrity of the home. Not only is there the risk of danger when the wall is removed, but homeowners could be left with a collapsed roof or sagging beams should the wrong wall be removed. No demolition should be done in a home without an expert providing their approval.


Joshua Palin on Countertops 


Joshua Palin is a major proponent of upgrading countertops to give a home a fresh look. New granite countertops can elevate a routine kitchen into a dream kitchen. The only problem with granite countertops is that the materials are extremely heavy. Anytime you start to mix overweight materials and a do it yourself project you are asking for trouble. Experts have tools that are meant to help alleviate the stress of lifting and placing granite countertops effectively. 


Joshua Palin on Plumbing


There are a lot of great kits that can help with odd plumbing jobs like pipe fittings. The problem is that plumbing issues that are not repaired properly can lead to catastrophic results. Leaks can lead to mold damage and thousands upon thousands of dollars of repair. If you do decide to fix a pipe or try to reconnect a pipe, you must monitor it for a decent amount of time to ensure that no leaks are sprung. 


In Conclusion


Joshua Palin always recommends utilizing common sense when determining whether or not to take on a home renovation project. If there’s any true danger in accomplishing the task, it is probably best left to the experts. There are so many jobs that can be done by homeowners with a can do attitude that leaving certain jobs to the experts shouldn’t be as expensive as leaving all the work to the professionals.