Keep Reading to Know All About Insta Thunder APK

Currently, we use different varieties of social media platforms on a regular basis. In fact, it is very tough to think about a life that is devoid of the internet platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Today, we will learn all about the Insta Thunder APK that is very popular among today’s youths.

Before downloading and using a particular apk, there are different points that the users must keep in mind. First of all, they must gather a proper idea about the particular purpose that is fulfilled by the given application.

Secondly, they must thoroughly check out the prominent features of that specific apk. Going through these features will give them a proper clarity regarding whether to download this particular application or not.

Finally, we will focus on the specific download process that you will have to adhere to if you want to get this apk downloaded on your device. So, without wasting further time, let us learn more about the very popular Insta Thunder application.

What does Insta Thunder APK do?

Every apk has a certain set of tasks that it fulfills correctly. In the case of the Insta Thunder application too, there are some functions that it accomplishes with a lot of ease. There are many Instagram platform users out there who use this excellent Insta Thunder application. However, some users might be skeptical about this particular apk because of several reasons.

The Insta Thunder application can be considered as one the best substitute for the official Instagram platform apk. Though we have the original Instagram platform apk out there, there are a lot of social media users who prefer to use Instagram through the Insta Thunder mod version application.

As we all know, the Instagram official apk doesn’t offer certain additional, interesting features. For instance, the official Instagram apk will give the users the ability to bookmark important contents from the platform. However, it should be noted that the users will not get the download capacity through this official apk. This is in fact considered as a serious disadvantage of the Instagram platform apk by a lot of social media users.

However, the Insta Thunder application tries to cover more and more additional Instagram features with each new update. So, if you are looking forward to enjoying these amazing Instagram features, then you will have to go with this Insta Thunder application. A good thing about this mod version is that you will get the capacity to use this apk with almost all the Android smartphone devices.

Notable Insta Thunder APK Features

We have provided the basic utility of the Insta Thunder application. Now, it’s time to go through the prominent features of this apk that makes it extremely popular among the Instagram users.

1. Save IGTV Videos, images and videos in feeds

IGTV or Instagram TV is an application that will give the users the capacity to see video contents that are longer. This feature is present on the official Instagram platform apk. However, through this official apk, the users will not be able to download these videos. But, by using the Insta Thunder application, the Instagram users will get the chance to save or download any Instagram videos of their choice. The users can also download Instagram images and videos in feeds.

2. Excellent Privacy Settings

When speaking about social media applications, privacy is of utmost importance. The Insta Thunder application gives the users extreme levels of privacy and the users will get the chance to hide their different activities from the followers very easily.

3. Language Translation

This mod version application enables the functioning of the Google translation engine. It also supports the Yandex translation engine. As a result, the users will get the capacity to translate different Instagram comments and posts from a given language to another.

4. On/Off Autoplay Feature

In the official Instagram platform apk, the different media contents and reels are played by themselves continuously. Some people might find this aspect of the official application very irritating. However, with the Insta Thunder application, they will get the capacity to turn the Autoplay Feature on or off.

5. Advertisement Free apk

One of the significant features of this Instagram mod version apk is that it is totally ad free. Thus, the users will not have to see any kind of advertisements while going through feeds and stories.

How to download & install the app Insta Thunder?

After looking at the alluring features of the Insta Thunder APK, many Instagram users will wish to download this particular application. In that case, they must follow the Insta Thunder application download process correctly.

1. The Instagram users will be able to get the Insta Thunder application from the InstaModApk. So, the first thing that the users will have to perform is open their preferred web browser and then, go to the Pro website.

2. The Pro website has a very simple organization, and you will see the Download option at the top section of this page. The users have to locate the Insta Thunder application Download button and then tap on it to begin the process of application download.

3. Once the download process of Insta Thunder application is over, the users will have to open the File Manager on their respective devices. Here, you will get the necessary options to complete the Insta Thunder application installation process.

4. Some users can experience certain blocking troubles, and it can be resolved by turning on the Unknown Sources setting option.


We have understood all about the very popular Insta Thunder APK. This application is very beneficial for all the Instagram social media users out there. It will provide them a wide variety of excellent features that are usually not present on the official Instagram platform application. We have also listed the important points that have to be followed for the purpose of Insta Thunder application download and installation. By following the steps in the correct way, you will get the capacity to download this mod apk on your device. So, if you have not yet used this mod version of Instagram, then you should definitely give it a try.