Know how you can repair a leaky roof

Learn how you can repair a leaky roof to maintain the functionality of your roof for a long time


The roof should be inspected regularly so that you can address the problems that you find on your roof. If you leave your roof unattended for a long time then you might face a lot of issues on your roof. One of the most dangerous roof issues is roof leakage. This can damage the walls of your house and weaken your ceiling. Moreover, you can face electrical damage and attic damage issues if water leaks continuously from your roof. You can contact a professional roofer to repair the water leakage issue.

You can visit Hall Roofing site if you want to check out our roofing services. If you want to repair your roof then you can hire our professionals to get your roof inspected and repaired as soon as you notice any leaking issue on your roof. Remember, you need to address the issues you find on your roof to ensure that your roof remains intact and sturdy enough to protect your house.


Repair leakage from inside of your home

If you are unable to repair your roof from the outside then you can fix water leakage issues from inside your house. If you have noticed water leakage issues then patch it to fix the problem with plywood, extra roof shingles, or roofing tar. Use a putty knife to spread the tar around the leak from inside your home. Fix the plywood or the roofing material on the tar and secure it with more spread. However, you have to check the roof and water leaks after you experience a strong wind or storm to ensure that everything is in place. You can call our professional roofers if you cannot make out how to repair your roof leakage from inside your house.


Repair Plumbing Vent Boots

Plumbing vent boots made of plastic, metal, or two-piece metal units can cause leakage on your roof. You can check the plastic bases of the vent boots to find out if there are any broken seams. Focus on the rubber boot that surrounds the pipe; this might be worn out that is causing a water leakage issue on your roof along the vent pipe. Replace the old vent boot with a new one to get this issue resolved. If roof nails are missing at the base then replace them with the rubber-washer screws if you have installed a metal roof. Be careful while handling the shingles so that they remain protected.


Address the issue of roof flashing

One of the issues found on your roof is deteriorating flashing.  First, you need to locate the problematic area. Loosen up the nails that you have used to secure the flashing. Then, you can move the shingles carefully so that they do not break in the process. Remove several rows of shingles and the old flashing to install the new ones. Put the new flashing in the required place and tighten the nails to secure it properly. Apply one coat of roof sealant to the nail’s heads to make them water-resistant. Replace the collar or boot if your damaged flashing is located on a roof vent.


How you can prevent water leakage on your roof

Do not fix the water leakage issue on your roof then it can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. If you want to avoid the hassles of extreme roof repairs then you can call our roofers to inspect the underlying problems and get them fixed immediately. This will ensure your house remains protected. Also, repairing your roof in time can save a lot of time and money of yours. Keep the gutters clean so that you do not face standing water problems. If your roof has broken due to a storm or extreme wind then you can replace the broken shingle with a new one as soon as you notice it. Check your roof twice a year to make sure everything is all right with your roof. Insulate and improve the ventilation of your attics to make sure your roof remains safe.



Roof leakage can be very dangerous for your house if you do not address this issue as soon as possible. However, you need to take the help of a professional roofer to get the issue of a leaky roof resolved. Moreover, you can get your roof installed once again if the entire roof has got damaged. This will ensure your house remains protected from extreme weather conditions, dust, and debris.