Primary concern asked from the a Colombiana on the internet: Los cuales te dedicas?

Primary concern asked from the a Colombiana on the internet: Los cuales te dedicas?

You to definitely “Que te dedicas?” is a genuine catch-all of the. It does find out a lot of facts about you if the your let it.

In other cultures it’s normal for males so you can relate solely to more youthful women. Easy but toward feminists. Mine are age younger than simply myself, an effective Rolla—Nice to learn at that late phase she been using myself all these previous decades. Only an unaware old man who couldn’t find one away from an individual’s own ages—–(she has the lady You.S. passport therefore have been most taken to the brand new cleansers)

Much easier to find a negative unaware barrio lady to relax and play having, (wealthy ladies are very hard to fulfill into the Colombia) up coming undertaking the proper topic by support the woman, the lady children and her parents. to have a near future., (How much does a terrible barrio girl have commonly into wealthy lady —in which ‘s the money??)

Now the matter away from transition in the barrio class so you’re able to a alot more affluent category. Perhaps surmountable because of the teaching a good dining table ways, (blade and you can shell class) ways as a whole,, how exactly to dress in sweet dresses, a great make-up, and refining this lady vocabulary so you’re able to a diploma, as soon as inside the proximity of the “affluent classification” they could guess she try quite knowledgeable. (Eliza pops into the mind and you will Teacher Higgins)–without a doubt the latest Professor,–Ah sure the new Professor– other dirty old-man to get hung over to deceased.

Por que dichas durante Colombia?

Blenheim and you can Electricista . Just right. Yep, those individuals are typical the initial one thing they query. But the majority of San Diego city free lesbian dating sites “newbies” may not see why they query people inquiries, very right here is the translation, as well as Not merely lazy curiosity or small-talk .

step one. En donde vives. When you tell them, it automatically know very well what estrata you’re in, as well as how far within the monetary ladder you are. $$$

5. Estas divorciado?an excellent. window of opportunity for wedding/green credit? orb. Most of your income continues repair to have old boyfriend partner and you can children.? $$$

Now, all the questions you ask her . Unimportant, for she’s going to just inform you what you need to listen to. And you will could you care if she comes from Bogota, Cali otherwise Manizales? Hahaha

Age distinctions was north american/ European mentalities

Colombian lady, abstain from meColombian girl, mommy i want to beDon’t already been hanging out my doorI wouldn’t like observe your mind no moreI had more critical what things to doThan purchase my time growin’ old with you

Now girl, sit awayColombian woman, pay attention everything i sayColombian girl, get away from meColombian woman, mother i’d like to beDon’t already been slamming doing my personal doorI don’t want to see your trace no moreColored lighting is hypnotizeSparkle another person’s eyesNow lady, avoid

Colombian lady, listen the thing i sayColombian lady, I said score wayColombian woman, tune in what i sayDon’t become hanging around my doorDon’t need certainly to see your face not any longer

Colombian womanYou’re no good to have meAnd I am no-good for you(Colombian lady) I’m lookin correct upright from the eyeI’ll show what I am gonna create(Colombian lady) I am gonna give you girl

You’ll be having someone 10 or 2 decades their many years or whichever. it get lbs and you will slovenlly, and eventually they nonetheless runs out having 1 / 2 of their currency

As to the reasons getting that have a vintage battle axe has been? Very scarcely would they kept in tip-top figure within the Colombia, probably the so called “top estratas. “Hypergamy exists . Yes the gonna ask you for often or as low as you want tospend. In case the more youthful babe desires to run off and squeeze into some other son let them. Such way more available to you It more often than not been running back anyway(my personal sense).