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Reasons why you need to insulate your Crawl Space in Los Angeles

Know the importance of insulating your crawl space for your home

Keeping your crawl space clean can yield many benefits for you. A clean crawl space helps keep your home free from dirt, dust, germs, and other infections. It will also prevent dampness from your crawl space thereby keeping away the germs and bacteria that may develop in an excess moist area. The rodents may get attracted to a damp area and hence cause various diseases that might result due to germ build-up in your crawl space. However, you can hire our professionals who will help you keep your crawl space clean and germ-free.

Get a free insulation service estimate from Attic Wizard if you want to insulate your crawl space in Los Angeles. We are the trusted contractors in Los Angeles who believe in providing quality crawl space service to our customers. So, if you are unsure about hiring a professional to clean up your crawl space, then we can trace a few reasons why you need to keep your crawl space clean.

It can eliminate germs and pests

A crawl space clean-up will result in the elimination of the germs and pests that might accumulate in your home. Pests and rodents develop in a damp place that is not cleaned regularly. This type of crawl space can provide them with a favorable environment to grow and breed. So, they can develop in your crawl space thereby causing a lot of health issues for you and your family members. Rodents are very dangerous as they can contaminate your food and cause so many health hazards. They can also damage the electrical ducts and wiring and damage the electrical system of your home.

Often, unwanted rodents enter your house and leave waste materials and urine on your food items to make them poisonous. If you hire our professionals then they will help clean up the rodents and pests from your crawl space to keep your home fresh, clean, and hygienic. Our experts will make you learn how to install a vapor barrier so that it will eliminate the harmful germs and pests from your crawl space.

Cleaning the crawl space can improve the air quality

A recent study shows that 30-40% of the air that circulates throughout your household comes from the crawlspace beneath your home. So, the air will get contaminated if there are any bacteria or germ build-up in your crawl space. This will further cause many serious health hazards for your family members. So, cleaning up your crawl space will improve the quality of the air and keep your home free from harmful germs and bacteria.

Moreover, during cold weather, your heating system will work harder to keep your space warm and vice versa. Hence, this will lead to heavy energy usage in your home, which further will increase the energy bills. So, you need to insulate the crawl space so that it can help keep your room temperature normal. This way your HAVC system will work less and you can save a lot on energy bills.

It can save money

If you insulate your crawl space properly then the temperature will remain constant in extreme weather conditions. This way, your heating and cooling systems will work less and help save a lot of energy. This will further save a lot of money by minimizing the electricity bills. You can hire our skilled workers who will help you clean up and insulate your crawlspace to keep your home free from germs and rodents.


Crawl space is responsible for keeping your house warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season if insulated properly. However, sometimes it causes a lot of issues if the insulation fails to work properly. Hence, you need to keep a close watch on the heating and cooling systems of your home to understand how they are working. If you notice a fluctuation in temperature then you can contact our professionals to inspect the crawl space insulation and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.