Social Media Marketing Agency In London To Follow 6 Trends In 2023

Digital marketing and social media marketing trends are constantly changing. Every year digital marketers divide the strategies into three parts- the ones that will gain prominence, the ones that will continue to dominate and the ones that will fade out. Are the predictions always accurate? Most likely, yes! However, as the year rolls on and everyone hops onto the disruption bandwagon. Consequently, some new techniques surface and every marketer wants to try their hands at them. This article focuses on six social media marketing trends a social media marketing agency in London will likely follow in 2023.

  1. The dominance of micro-content: Have you ever wondered why YouTube and Instagram support micro-content formats? The answer is consumption convenience. As consumers’ attention spans fade, keeping them hooked on long-form content takes a lot of work. Hence, micro-content is rapidly becoming popular. It has been a few years since short-form content is in the market. In 2023, it will cement its position as an indispensable marketing tool. However, it does not mean that long-form content is dead. Infact, micro-content is the gateway for effective long-form content.
  2. Stronghold of influencer marketing: Influencer marketing will continue to dominate the markets even in 2023. It is going nowhere! One of the perks of this marketing style is most influencers use short-from content tools such as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Therefore, the audience is more likely to consume the content, and you get noticed by your target customers. Moreover, consumers look for credible sources for product reviews and recommendations. Influencer marketing is the right social media marketing tool for garnering trust. This form of marketing has made its presence in all niches, from beauty and fashion to finance, gaming, home decor and child care.
  3. Pinterest as an affiliate marketing tool: Pinterest is one of the most effective and powerful social media tools that will rise in 2023. Creators, bloggers, and business owners will be reaping its benefits as an affiliate marketing tool. A digital marketing agency in the UK can use the pins to create brand awareness, backlinks to an affiliate site, and initiate purchases. The platform is often used for searching for visual inspirations. Aesthetic and informative Pinterest boards with catchy headlines and descriptions can help pique users’ interest, ultimately convincing them to click through to your affiliate website. Therefore, it will also boost website traffic.
  4. Growth of edutainment content: Amidst videos of people recreating hook steps to trending audio and paid ads, social media users enjoy the content that adds value through entertainment. Hence the birth of edutainment over social media. Although an old concept, it was previously restricted to children. However, today brands are using it to educate their customers and generate sales. Brands and creators in the fintech sector often promote financial literacy through engaging short videos on YouTube and Instagram. These bite-sized videos are an effective method of audience engagement. Additionally, well-curated social media posts and infographics are also productive.
  5. Declining Facebook: Like it or hate it, Facebook has lost its Medus touch. Over the years, the platform’s popularity has declined. Previously, brands largely used it to connect with audiences. While targeted ads will pop up on your feed (provided you open the app), the younger generation is moving away from the platform. One of the reasons may be its inability to upgrade and keep up with other media. Moreover, the company’s controversial decisions and rising concerns over data security have contributed to its downfall. 2023 does not look promising for Facebook unless it can reinvent and rebrand itself.
  6. Rise of personal branding on LinkedIn: Personal branding is not a fancy, new-age concept. However, it came to prominence in 2022 when everyone, especially professionals on LinkedIn, felt the need to create a distinct identity. Personal branding works wonders if you want to grow professionally and get noticed in your domain. Additionally, it aids in industry collaborations and is often used by top bosses like CEOs, CFOs, freelancers, recruiters and entrepreneurs. Business owners are now conscious about building an image outside their organisations; therefore, personal branding is one of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2023. Moreover, the platform enables professionals to be more casual and show their real sides to a larger audience, promoting the growth of supportive and healthy professional communities.

Wrapping up:

Social media trends are constantly changing, and 2023 will be no different. No matter which platform you decide to use, it is essential to optimise it to get the best results. User-generated content, search results, and analytics will play a large part in curating the best campaigns.  However, every brand cannot use all the trends. A social media marketing agency in London is well up to the task. They minutely understand and study the trends and find the ones best suited for you.