Step By Step ICe Cream Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids your child starting to express an interest in drawing real items instead of merely pictures from toddlers or coloring pages? While they might not be ready for more intricate drawings just yet, drawing an ice cream cone is a terrific place to start. If they can draw a triangle, a circle, and a few lines, they will be masters at drawing an ice cream cone.

Why Is Drawing So Important For Kids?

Children love to paint, color, and draw. It’s highly possible that your original handwritten artwork, even the one with only one phrase, is scattered about your home in little photos. “Please let me dispose of this. Is that appropriate? “No, that’s a picture of my dad’s most cherished jumping rope!”

Does your youngster express a need to take some time to get comfortable around new people? This can sometimes happen even if they know someone but don’t see them often. Your child may receive sporadic visits from an aunt or uncle, so they may not be completely comfortable with them just yet.

Detailed Instructions: If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for anything to draw with your kids, an ice cream cone is a great place to start. Not to mention that it’s really easy to follow and quite amusing.

If your youngster can sketch simple shapes, they can draw this. They’ll feel so proud of themselves when they’re finished that they’ll want to show it off to everyone.

Adults, however, shouldn’t think that everything will be resolved by this. You should also draw some! How joyful did drawing make you when you were younger? How did we arrive at this location?

It’s true that kids tend to give up drawing when they see adults in their lives giving up on the medium as well. Children’s creativity is enhanced when they are taught to sketch outside of the school.

Illustration of Ice Cream Step-by-Step:


  • Draw the ice cream first.
  • You have to draw the ice cream before you can start sketching. Pick up where the page leaves off. Draw a circle that is open at the bottom.
  • Drawing the letter C with the opening facing down is the most efficient method.
  • Avoid making your ice cream overly thin, as this will reduce the overall size of the drawing.
  • Once the open circle has been drawn, join the open points with a wavy line. This turns the simple open circle into a delicious scoop for ice cream! Does your ice cream cone ever have a little piece hanging off the side?
  • This is what the sentence is trying to say.


  • Draw the cone.
  • The next step is to draw the cone. For our cone, we are going to craft a sugar cone. Do you know the difference between a waffle cone and a sugar cone? Waffle cones and sugar cones have a similar appearance, however sugar cones are frequently flat on top, smaller, and crispier.
  • To build your cone, you’ll need to start with a triangle. Work your triangle down to a point, starting at the two corners of the ice cream. The wavy line on your ice cream will be the representation of the third half of your triangle.
  • Drawing your triangle and then the signature lines is required. Draw diagonals from right to left to begin.
  • Depending on the size of your cone, you could only need two or three lines.
  • Next, draw diagonal lines that point in the other direction. This could be a great chance to show your kids how to use a ruler to draw a straight line if they are becoming frustrated because their lines aren’t straight enough.


  • Make a sauce.
  • Now is the time to add the garnishes. Let’s talk about the sauce first. Any kind of sauce will work for this, including chocolate, caramel, and strawberry. Starting in the middle of the ice cream, draw a squiggly line across it.


  • Draw a Cherry
  • What would an ice cream drawing be without a cherry? Draw a second, downward-pointing minor C at the top of your ice cream circle.
  • The ice cream should fill in the hole. Once you have finished, sketch where the cherry’s stem is. You can place your cherry exactly in the center or a little off to one side. But don’t worry too much—wherever you decide to eat your cherry, it will be great!


  • Add a little bit on top.
  • Whatever you call them, kids just love them—jimmies, sprinkles, hundreds and thousands! These are the best ways to finish drawing your cute ice cream cone drawing.
  • To make sprinkles, add tiny droplets to the sauce portion of your ice cream. Which kind of sprinkles you choose will depend on the color of your dash lines. If you would like to add chocolate sprinkles, draw brown lines. Do you want rainbow-colored sprinkles? Any color can be used to add lines. Give your children artistic freedom!


  • Sixth: Combine and Separate.
  • The last step is to color your ice cream cone! When drawing, you can use any color scheme you like.
  • Which ice cream flavor is your favorite? To add color to your strawberry ice cream, use pink food coloring.
  • Do you like caramel sauce? Give your sauce a shade of light brown. Permit your kid to color anything that comes to mind when they think of an ice cream cone.
  • When you’re done, show off your amazing drawing! It will be enjoyable to discuss ice cream and the factors that influenced your child’s choice of hue.