Types of motorcycle jackets

Textile tourist or touring

This textile long jacket provides maximum comfort when traveling long distances.

All textile jackets are mainly made of 600D polyester. This material does not get wet in light rain, but heavy rain will wet it.

This material is abrasion-resistant and will not wear off if dropped on asphalt.

Touring jackets focus on moisture protection. A waterproof membrane is sewn inside the jacket; it breathes and at the same time does not allow moisture to pass through.

Since travel can be subject to vagaries of weather, travel jackets usually have a removable insulated lining that can be removed if it’s hot.

An important attribute of touring jackets is ventilation valves on the front and back. They are found in almost all such jackets.

Be sure to pay attention to back protection – as a rule, it is a thin “foam” that weakly protects your spine. It is better to immediately replace it with a good insert, which are sold additionally and are standardized in size.

Textile urban motorcycle jacket

Compared to the touring model, it is shorter (to the waist).

The functionality is almost the same as for tourist ones. The only thing is fewer pockets, more sports paraphernalia.

Also made of 600D polyester, the same membrane, removable insulated lining, built-in protection, ventilation valves.

Textile summer mesh

Unlike the first two, the mesh in the area of ​​the arms, shoulders and back is blown.

Accordingly, if it starts to rain, you will immediately get wet

The presented type of motorcycle jacket is designed for hot weather, especially if you are from regions where it rarely rains, then this jacket is a good analogue of a motorcycle turtle, because she also has protection – shoulders, elbows, back.

The jacket looks quite civilian – you will look decent in public places.

The motor turtle

The turtle represents the most serious element of protection, because… She has a very high-quality thermoplastic, her chest, back, and elbows are protected.

Beginner motorcyclists make this mistake – they buy a turtle and a motorcycle jacket, after which they put the turtle aside and wear only the jacket.

If you are buying a turtle and a jacket, it is important to decide whether you will always wear the turtle, because… Without it, the jacket will dangle and the protective elements will not be in place, which is extremely unsafe.

Or it’s enough to buy either a turtle or a jacket.

Unlike textile, leather is stronger and more reliable and safer in case of a fall. After a minor fall, there will be slight abrasions on it. Leather is also more durable, less susceptible to wear and tear, and easier to care for.

A leather jacket will be warmer, even though it has vents (but not all of them). Therefore, if you are from the southern regions, it is better to take a closer look at textiles.

Classic leather motorcycle jacket

The design of this jacket is close to everyday style and has a comfortable fit. You can ride in it like a classic motorcycle, a sportbike or choppers.

There are perforated and non-perforated.

Although such jackets provide reliable protection in the shoulders, elbows and back, it is better to ride in them at low speeds.

Perfect for southern regions.

Sports leather motorcycle jacket

This jacket is the complete opposite of the classic. When purchasing a sports jacket, it is important to consider that it fits like a second skin.

These jackets provide the maximum level of protection – plastic or metal inserts on the elbows and shoulders. The back (as in textile jackets) is foam, which is better replaced with a certified insert.

As a rule, they have a waterproof, breathable membrane sewn into them.

The insulated lining allows you to adapt the jacket to different regions.


A biker attribute, they often lack protection.

Just a leather jacket with ventilation flaps and an insulated lining.

This jacket is more a tribute to fashion than protection.

What factors are important to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket?

  • it is important that the jacket fits comfortably and does not restrict movement;
  • high strength of the material;
  • if you do not plan to wear the turtle separately, make sure there are protective inserts;
  • protective inserts on the shoulders and elbows are located respectively in their places and do not move;
  • The sleeves are long enough to cover your wrists;
  • the presence of reflective inserts makes you visible on the road, which increases passive safety;
  • Ventilation valves ensure sufficient ventilation.

How to choose the right motorcycle jacket size

In order to find out the size of a motorcycle jacket, you need to measure your waist, chest and sleeve length.

When measuring your chest size, you need to grab it with a tape under your arms at the widest point. The tape should lie flat, parallel to the floor without distortion. Relax, do not draw your chest in or out, or slouch. Waist size is measured in the same way.

Sleeve size measurements are taken from the base of the neck to the wrist. The tape is applied on the collarbone, then along the shoulder to the elbow, through the back of it, then along the forearm to the lower part of the wrist. At the same time, you should bend your arm a little, but do not bend it too much, since motorcycle jackets are not designed to bend the elbow joint too much.