What are Some Remodeling Projects that Enhance the Value of Your Santa Clara Home?

Know about some home renovation tasks that help in the value enhancement of your real estate asset. 

A home remodeling is a capital-intensive project and that is the reason why you are in two minds, whenever, there is a need to make upgrades to the home. However, as you speak to representatives of home remodeling companies, they will tell you about projects, which help to quickly recoup the investment money back. As you correlate home remodeling with value enhancement, one will come across plenty of ideas to try out. If you can plan the home renovation, carefully, there is a scope to gain from this exercise. Here, we have looked to discuss certain home remodeling projects that can help to enhance home resale value.

A home addition

One such project that you can undertake is a home addition. Do you have to constantly handle the pressures of a growing family? It could be so because your home was built a long time ago and since then, the family member headcount has constantly seen a rise. You are feeling cramped and would love to stretch out a bit. A home addition serves this purpose and this spares you from having to shift to a bigger home. There are two types of additions, which you can make for the home, and let me share the details.

  • One can go for room additions and via a bump-out; you can increase the square footage of the room. It could be the kitchen space, bathroom, or the general living room.
  • You can also go for a second story addition where you build up. There are plenty who believe that this is better than an ADU because you have the backyard area open.

These are the two types of home additions that one can undertake. Both helps to increase square footage and hence the home value enhancement will be felt. The second story addition is more capital intensive, but it offers the scope to generate instant income in the form of rentals.  If you have the finances ready you can go for it.

A bathroom remodel

At times you might not have the finances to undertake a complete home remodel, but there is always the scope to do selective work. As you speak to real estate agents, they will tell you that home buyers are today entering the bathroom spaces of residences and checking out before agreeing to pay the astronomical amount for the property. Hence, one can always check out the bathroom space and get the necessary remodeling work done. This space is prone to moisture damage and you need to speak to the remodeling team about the necessary upgrades. Once the core bathroom remodeling is over, you can think of upgrading the ventilation in this space. This will make sure that the longevity of the job will stay on for a long time. The same can be said about the kitchen space because even that part of the home faces exposure to cooking spills and gas wastes.  Homebuyers check these spaces and hence some upgrade work here will enhance the resale value

An energy-efficient home

Homebuyers love energy-efficient homes and via some remodeling work, you can transform your abode accordingly. The switch of LED lights and some proper sealing applied to doors & windows of your home should help a lot in this regard. A home remodeling company will do the needful for you.


These are some of the home remodeling themes, which help to enhance value but for the execution, you will need professional assistance. One can browse the Done Right Home Remodeling company website and get information on the best professionals who can remodel your home. Representatives of the company will come over to your home and do the remodeling work keeping in mind home value enhancement.