Why Human Hair Extensions are Better than Synthetic

You name it: Remy human hair, synthetic fibre, natural collagen hair, or any other kind of hair. Choosing the best hair extension can be difficult because so many options exist. Additionally, you should avoid hair extensions that tangle easily, don’t blend in, or fall out within a short period. 

You have company. 

Unless you ask, you won’t hear anyone raving about the advantages of natural human hair extensions. Plus, they have good intentions when they do it. 

There are numerous advantages to using Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin. In addition to looking natural, blending in with your hair, being tangle-free, and lasting longer, these are also highly practical. 

Let’s examine the benefits of using Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin in more detail.

Natural Look

We use hair extensions to get longer, thicker, and fuller hair without looking artificial. The majority of people, however, can discern the difference between human and animal hair extensions and those composed of synthetic fibres. Here is where wefts made of human hair shine. 

Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin match your hair’s texture, making them easy to wear. They also seem natural due to their silkiness and suppleness. Wefts made of human hair have an aspect of naturalness since, unlike synthetic fibres, natural hair doesn’t break easily. 

The most high-quality clip-in extensions made of natural hair are those that blend in seamlessly. You won’t have to worry about unflattering hair because the clips are tiny and unobtrusive. 

The tiny adhesive tapes cling flat and secure on your head, so our natural human hair tape-in extensions are a good choice if your hair is shorter. You won’t have to worry about tape or bulging hair in this case.  

Extending Your Style Based On Your Preferences

Synthetic hair extensions are crafted solely because modern human hair is as silky smooth and pliable as your hair so that you can style it in various ways; with pre-set styles on synthetic fibre extensions, that won’t happen. We suggest using Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin if you wish to have a variety of hairstyles for different events.

Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin are also completely maintenance-free. Remember that the nourishing oils from your scalp do not penetrate hair extensions, unlike your natural hair. This is why you’ll need extra work to care for them. To maintain the hydration of your human hair extensions following heat styling, you may dab a little Moroccan oil on them. Before styling them with a heat tool, spraying them with a heat protectant is a good idea.

Option To Dye Your Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin

There is a wide range of hues available for human hair extensions. Since lighter shades can be dyed so readily, many women opt for platinum and beach blonde. Adding to the list of advantages of human hair extensions is that. You can always dye them a darker shade later on, but a lighter shade is lovely. 

Wefts made of human hair make adding dip-dye effects or underlining subtly accessible. Dyeing synthetic fibre extensions, on the other hand, can permanently ruin them.

Better Return on Investment

While synthetic extensions might initially appear like a good deal, they cost more. This is because you should consider purchasing a new set after three months. 

On the other hand, Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin may be cared for properly and extended to last eight to twelve months. Considering the above advantages, purchasing a set of human hair wefts is a wise investment.

Maintains Its Efficacy Over Time 

Human hair extensions are a long-term investment, unlike synthetic ones. After proper maintenance, human hair extensions can last six months to a year, depending on wear frequency. You should expect synthetic hair extensions to last between one and three months. Investing in longer-lasting hair is worth the higher price tag of human hair extensions than synthetic ones.   


Real Human Hair Extensions Dublin are a great alternative to synthetic ones since they are made of genuine hair, which allows you more freedom of style, fits in better with your hair, and lasts far longer. Find out which hair extensions are ideal for your needs by analysing your hair.